Bio-Slim (dry heat)

A treatment in which a body mask of marine algae is applied and the body then is wrapped in a thermal blanket which delivers dry heat at 34–37°C, boosting penetration and the properties of the algae. It supplies minerals and oxygen to the epidermis, detoxifying and providing softness. Duration: 30 minutes

Alternative therapies in the Bio-Slim and Talaterm cabins:

  • Coffee: Favors the elimination of liquids
  • Chocolate: Helps to eliminate stress and reduce cellulitis
  • Purple grape: Provides a detoxifying, rejuvenating and anti-aging action

Talaterm (humid heat)

A treatment in which a body mask of marine algae is applied in a wet heat capsule at a temperature of 30–37°C, therein improving the penetration of the oligoelements. It helps with the elimination of toxins, the regeneration of the epidermis, and the firming up of tissue. It leaves a sensation of elasticity and firmness. Duration: 30 minutes.


A revitalizing bath in a hydro massage tub where the properties of thermal water and aromatherapy are mixed. A massage is given with pressured water in order to stimulate blood circulation and help muscular relaxation. The temperature of the water is 30–34° C.

Duration: 30 minutes

Talaform alternatives:

  • Algae bath (thalassotherapy): A bath that softens the skin, eliminates toxins, and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. It acts effectively in reaffirming and cellulites treatments.
  • Cleopatra milk bath: A revitalizing bath, enriched with milk protein and marine collagen and a hydrating and nutritious treatment for the body, mind, and soul.
  • Wine bath: A delicious anti-age, antioxidant bath, thanks to the properties of the grape seeds that contain powerful free radicals (polyphenols). It leaves the skin with a feeling of softness and elasticity.



Small, soft, and shallow movements are used, focused on muscular expansion and relaxation; a mix of hydrating creams and massage oils are applied. It harmonizes the nervous system, reduces stress, and leaves a comforting sensation.

Duration: 30/60 minutes.


Deep and concentrated movements are used, aimed to stretch out and alleviate a specific ache or pain. A mix of creams and massage oils are applied, beneficial for these injuries. It leaves a feeling of unique wellbeing, the muscles regain elasticity, and the signs of tension disappear.

Duration: 30/60 minutes.


Using special stones that hold their heat for longer, different movements are used on specific points of the body. The temperature helps to relax the muscles and alleviate physical complaints. It leaves a deep, calming, and relaxing sensation.

Duration: 30/60 minutes


A combination of movements and techniques are used that belong to various types of massage, like Thai, Quiro, or Indian, combined with the power of aromatherapy. It energizes and leaves a sensation of physical and spiritual fullness.

Duration: 60 minutes

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