Patagonia Aysen

Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa is located in the incomparable setting of the beautiful and solitary Aysén Region in Chilean Patagonia. Aysén sits in the northwestern area of Patagonia and it`s borders are: to the North, Los Lagos Region; to the East, Argentina; to the South, Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica; and to the West, the Pacific Ocean. The Aysén region has a population of approximately 91 thousand inhabitants, a surface area of 109 thousand km2 and a population density of 0.8 inhabitants per km2. Fifty percent of the population is concentrated in the city of Coyhaique.

The montainous geography of the Aysén Region turns it into one of the most beautiful places in Chile and even the planet, enchanting everyone with unique natural sights, where you can appreciate the effects of tectonic movements, volcanism and glaciations which gave rise to islands, channels, fjords, ice fields, snowdrifts, and mountain ranges.

The Aysén Region also offers magnificent lakes, like Palena, Rosselot, Risopatrón, Yulton, Elizalde, General Carrera, Cochrane, and O´Higgins. Amongst it`s rivers are Palena, Cisnes, Mañihuales, and Aysén, as well as the famous Baker River, the largest river in terms of water volume in Chile, which has excellent fishing opportunities and numerous rapids apt for rafting.

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