Fjords and Channels

The zone of fjords and channels in Chilean Patagonia is one of the vastest extensions of channels, fjords, sounds, and gulfs on Earth. It has a length of little more than 1000km in a straight line; however, it possesses a coast that surpasses 84,000km if you add up the outlines of the various islands and peninsulas of which it is composed. In the vast majority they are uninhabited. More than 5,500 islands in the southern part of Chile form a spectacular landscape, together with numerous fjords and peninsulas in the area.

These channels and fjords were generated individually, or by a series of glacial erosions of the earth’s crust produced during the last glaciations, and of the sinking of the valley due to tectonic activity in the area. As a result of the mix of water from the Pacific Ocean with freshwater from rain, rivers, glaciers, and snowdrifts, a system of estuaries of a great magnitude was formed. This system is characterized by diverse biology, which transformed the extreme south of Chile into a zone of natural richness and offered an immeasurable boost of economic, touristic, and social development of the country.

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